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NFT: Nashville Recommendations...

OBJ_AllDay : 2/11/2018 1:32 am
Going for the first time in April with my life. Any suggestions on hotels, restaurants, bars, things to do etc would be great. Thanks in advance. BBI never disappoints y
Restaurants - Monells,  
bc4life : 2/11/2018 8:35 am : link
Merchants, Germantown Cafe, re: BBQ - Martin's the one on Belmont Blvd. Hattie Hot Chicken's or Prince's Hot Chicken. BB King has a restaurant near BWay - some decent music, I found food to be disappointing.

If you like C&W or Bluegrass and don't mind about 1 hour drive check out the Bluegrass Underground.

Just walking around Broadway is pretty cool.
been there three times, twice with my wife, once for mybavchelor party  
ShocknAwe80 : 2/11/2018 10:35 am : link
we stayed in the same hotel every time, the holiday inn express on broadway. It's a great value, and is walking distance to everything you will want to do.

Restaurants: MONELLS (I can't recommend this enough) go HUNGRY. It's a family style all you can eat dinner. You are seated with others at picnic style tables and the food keeps coming. I think dinner is 17 dollars. Jim Kelly's steakhouse is incredible. The bbq place on roadway (neon pig light) is pretty good as well.

Bars/ Live music: just walk up and down broadway and make sure to traverse first street as well.

Country music hall of fame is def worth the trip as well. It's very well done
All depends on your interests  
Bobby Humphrey's Earpad : 2/11/2018 10:36 am : link
Hotels: If you stay at the Omni, it's connected to the Country Music HOF and is really in the middle of everything. Bridgestone Arena is right across the street, so if you like hockey see if the Preds are in town or maybe a concert/event.

Martin's was a solid BBQ with a pretty good beer selection, there are better ones if you have time - i forgot the name of the one i went to.

Acme Feed & Seed for rooftop bars and I had a really good time at the Stage on Broadway.

If you like whiskey, ask concierge for a good place to do a tasting. there are plenty.
Best BBQ in the city is  
Ben in Tampa : 2/11/2018 11:04 am : link
At the Peg Leg Porker.

Iím the Gukch district.
*Gulch district  
Ben in Tampa : 2/11/2018 11:04 am : link
Hilary : 2/13/2018 8:00 am : link
Really nice restaurant near the strip is Puckett's
Was there last week, stayed at the Omni.  
Section331 : 2/13/2018 9:24 am : link
Nice hotel, but it is pretty pricey. I'd look at the Sheraton, a little north of Broadway, but a little less expensive.

So many great restaurants - Merchants if you want fine dining, Valentinos out by Vanderbilt is good Italian, Vui's Kitchen in North Nashville has terrific Vietnamese. Etch, the Farm House are i\other nice options as well. For more casual, I like Bakersfield Taco, and Peg Leg Porker is very good BBQ, but I prefer Jacks BBQ in Broadway.

For activities, definitely check out the HOF, or just walk Broadway and 2nd Ave and pop into bars to hear live music. A Preds game would be great too, if they're in town. Have fun, it's a great town!
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