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What is the most important position on Defense in the

Giantimistic : 2/10/2018 10:48 pm
What is the most important, game changing position, on defense in the current NFL? If you had 10 avg players on defense and an 11th game changer what position would that be at?

In today's NFL is it just someone who can get to the quarterback consistently regardless of being double teamed. The Superbowl saw two offenses move up and down the field but it was a strip sack that won/changed the game. We don't win our two Superbowls without Justin Tuck. Von Miller was a huge reason the Broncos won. The Patriots 2017 Superbowl win had many huge plays but the biggest may have been the strip sack by Dont'a Hightower Strip Sack.

We have consistently been discussing what will make our offense great--the qb debate for now and the future--but do we have the one player that on defense will make the plays in the playoffs and Superbowl to make a game changing difference. Landon Collins is awesome and Snacks is one of the best in the league. I thought we had two going into last year with JPP and Vernon. Will one of them turn it around, will we generate pressure with a new defensive scheme or do we still need "that player" and who could it be.

Lets say we fix the online in free agency, Eli is the QB that he can be, OBJ is the receiver that he is, and maybe we add a speedster running back in round 2 or 3, do we draft for defense. Is Chubb the one or is there another get to the qb player in the draft or free agency.
I'll bite - answering your first question as it's a good exercise  
ChaChing : 2/10/2018 11:43 pm : link
Preface: with your description of 10 avg and 1 gamechanger, we're looking at a 'control group' for an experiment. Which is a great way to evaluate individuals on a team

Also worth noting how you build a team is huge. Since all the other guys are never avg, in true implementation it's how you piece it together from FO to coaches / strategy to players / talent / execution. You can further color it w/ offensive trends & eras to be fair, but still we're asking who's MVP of the 11

IMO it's is front and center. In our 2 typical Ds, that's 4-3 DT / MLB or 3-4 NT / ILB. Safeties are huge, but for ex Landon Collins has less effect on every play than Snacks. That's not to say other spots are unimportant, but even CBs split the field so a lock down CB is great but just 'the place to NOT throw' if the other CB sucks. NT / DT / MLB / ILB on the other hand influence more on every play due simply to location on the field

But re: NYG's D - we have 2 DEs w/ Qs after the last 2 yrs but reason to believe they can make plays. All pro DT & SS. CBs are top heavy. But we're missing: LBs, FS, and depth everywhere. From that NYG's D needs LBs first w/ FS close by. That does not account for 'BPA' or overall position talent in a draft or FA...but it's a very general account of needs
pass rusher  
Boatie Warrant : 2/11/2018 12:11 am : link
DE in a 4-3 and OLB in a 3-4
Pass rusher  
trueblueinpw : 2/11/2018 12:17 am : link
Ferocious pass pressure covers up pretty much every problem on a defense.
RE: I'll bite - answering your first question as it's a good exercise  
Giantimistic : 2/11/2018 12:19 am : link
ChaChing, I like they way you approached the question. On offense the QB touches the ball 99% of all the offensive plays so it is easy to say how important the position is. OBJ is interesting because regardless of touching the ball, he effects the defense every play he is on the field because of the potential of him getting the ball.

I think it can be similar in thinking about defense, The dline is going to be involved in almost every play in a substantial way but if you have a Deon Sanders on the field he potentially can have an effect on the whole offense more than just taking away half of the field.

I think that the most dangerous potential is a linebacker who can get to the qb and also has the ability to cover--that is pretty rare. We saw how LT was able to influence a game and always had to be accounted for.

I wish there was that game changing LB that we could get to improve out pass rush and cover LB and rb.
Breeze_94 : 2/11/2018 12:47 am : link
1. Edge Rusher (43 DE/34OLB)
2. Corner
3. Interior DL (NT/DT)
4. Safety
5. LB

Although LB/S are somewhat interchangeable

Well I will say the obvious, if that one player is LT in his prime  
wgenesis123 : 2/11/2018 1:30 am : link
it makes the other 10 defenders better. I don't think you can find another LT but if you find someone who checks off enough of the boxes to be special, he makes the other 10 players better.
I'd like to think you  
Spike13 : 2/11/2018 1:39 am : link
Can build a team around Collins. However, Brady has taught us that a pass rush is pivotal in today's game. I've never witnessed anyone neutralize a passing and running game like LT in my life. His game against New Orleans, in 88, never gets old.
Imho .... I think it depends on the scheme.  
short lease : 2/11/2018 4:01 am : link
In a 3-4 - weak side LB (hopefully a big and strong crazed dog).

In a 4-3 - whatever DL is playing the QB's blindside.
RE: pass rusher  
short lease : 2/11/2018 4:02 am : link
In comment 13828921 Boatie Warrant said:
DE in a 4-3 and OLB in a 3-4

+1 ... you beat me to it Boatie.
#56 OLB  
SHO'NUFF : 2/11/2018 4:49 am : link
in Tecmo Bowl
RE: #56 OLB  
Rjanyg : 2/11/2018 7:51 am : link
In comment 13828939 SHO'NUFF said:
in Tecmo Bowl

63 sacks one year lol
Is the player currently on our roster?  
Giantimistic : 2/11/2018 7:56 am : link
It seems the general consensus so far is 3/4 OLB or 4/3 DE. Do we have the player currently on our roster that is going to make those game changing plays in the playoffs or Superbowl? JPP looked to be that guy in a 4/3 before the hand and contract. Vernon was supposed to be that guy before the injuries. Will either be that player in the 3/4 or our 4/3 looks? Is Moss that player? Is the player not on our roster yet or is our new d-coordinator enough to scheme pressure.

It would stink for the offense to come around and then watch quarterbacks sit back in the pocket all day.

Sarcastic Sam : 2/11/2018 7:59 am : link
- Bil Belichick
Its not the position  
Dankbeerman : 2/11/2018 8:08 am : link
its the player and the coach turnning his position into the most impactfull one.

Look at JJ Watt. he is a 3-4 DE but because of his talent he is in a defense which he can dominate.

A guy who is a great  
joeinpa : 2/11/2018 9:16 am : link
Pass rusher and great run defender

L. T. and Strahan

Easy question
I don't think its very useful to try to  
idiotsavant : 2/11/2018 10:23 am : link
State a most important position (and maybe even rank that top of draft) NFL wide.

Every year and every team is it's own puzzle.

That said.

You -must- have a pass rush and it's a big part of what we love as fans.

How to "" right now here is debatable. But those as you guys mentioned are on the table of course.
Inside Pressure  
GrMtWoods : 2/11/2018 10:46 am : link
a DT that can consistently penetrate against the run and pass is the rarest and likely most valuable commodity.
Sarcastic Sam : 2/11/2018 11:14 am : link
- Ben Mcadoo
And with the 2nd pick in the 2018 NFL draft  
Jeever : 2/11/2018 11:43 am : link
The New York Football Giants select Bradley Chubb DE from NC State.
Answer: whomever is assigned to hit the guy who  
Jimmy Googs : 2/11/2018 11:47 am : link
make the most money on the Offense...
Edge Rusher  
Peppers : 2/11/2018 12:12 pm : link
Getting pressure on the QB, especially in this era, is the most important task a defense has.
Mr. Woods  
idiotsavant : 2/11/2018 12:51 pm : link
I feel like we have that in snacks which why imma look at Nose Tackle prospects. True?
I will play. MLB if he has the tools.  
TMS : 2/11/2018 1:40 pm : link
LT dominated games but Butkus dominated teams like no other defensive player I ever saw from the MLB spot.
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