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Good Story: How LT helped get Robert Brazile to the HOF

Defenderdawg : 2/10/2018 10:47 pm
John McClain is a talented, long time writer for the Houston Chronicle who made Robert Brazile’s presentation to the veterans committee. The story begins with a request by LT when he was looking forward to the NFL draft in 1981:


“The late Gene Burrough, an agent and brother of Oilers receiver Kenny Burrough, was trying to sign Taylor as a client. Taylor told Burrough he wouldn't consider hiring him unless he introduced him to "Dr. Doom."

Brazile picked up the story Friday.

"So Gene and I went to North Carolina so I could meet Lawrence," Brazile said. "When Gene introduced us, Lawrence was like, 'Wow! This really is Robert Brazile.'

The story goes on about the LT/Brazile meeting and how the veterans’ committee works, Dr. Z called it the “swamp” with so many deserving candidates and so few who get elected. It picks up with LT’s comments
about his idol before LT entered the league...Robert Brazile:


“Former Oilers defensive Elvin Bethea told me he would ask Taylor for his number at the induction ceremony and tell him why I wanted to talk with him.

The next week, Bethea called with Taylor's number. He relayed that Taylor was happy to talk about Brazile. I left him a text message, and Taylor called the next day and sounded eager to talk about "Dr. Doom."

An enthusiastic Taylor recalled the story about meeting Brazile, who had become his role model. Among other things, Taylor said, "Dr. Doom inspired me to be great. The way he played made me wanted to play great. He motivated me to play the way I did. He was me before me."

I closed my presentations to the seniors committee in Canton and to the selection committee in Minneapolis with Taylor's tribute to Brazile. Thirty-seven years after he was introduced to "Dr. Doom," Taylor helped him get elected to the Hall of Fame.

"Man, I appreciate him saying that so much," Brazile said. "That made me feel so good. L.T. didn't have to step up to the plate, didn't have to say one word about me.

"Let me tell you something about him. I admired the way he played the game so much. He was a game-changer. You talk about L.T., you're talking about the greatest in history."

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This is the side of LT  
RetroJint : 2/11/2018 9:30 am : link
that I like. I gave up on him years ago because he was the king of the phony mea culpa, the bogus “I’ve seen the light” epithany . He let so many people down and he caused irreparable harm to his family , But then he does things like this for a great player who deserved to be in the HOF. Good for the Dr.

LT is the greatest of all time. But that doesn’t mean that there were not great outside linebackers before him. Guys like Bobby Bell, Dave Robinson and Jack Hamm were incredibly gifted players. So was Brazile. The most glaring omission continues to be Chuck Howley.
That 1 guy could impact a team sport ....  
short lease : 2/11/2018 11:49 am : link

the way he did, makes me glad he was a Giant.

"He was a game-changer. You talk about L.T., you're talking about the greatest in history."

Thanks for posting great story  
arniefez : 2/11/2018 4:06 pm : link
I had not heard it.

Howley was definitely a hall of famer. Ridiculous he’s not in.

Good call on Bobby Bell. He and Willie Lanier were the original LT and Harry. That era Chiefs team is crazy underrated. They were as good as any team ever. Loaded with All Pros and HOFers and a coach way ahead of his time.

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